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By Donna
November 15, 2019
This product has saved my vision.
As I have stated in the past, Visivite has saved my vision. I have had macular degeneration since 2007 and started taking Visivite then. I just recently passed my vision test for my driver's license renewal with flying colors thank to this product. Not one day has passed without taking Visivite. I cannot stress enough how much I owe to Visivite.
By Marin
Miami, FL
November 8, 2019
Continuing effort
I have been taking these pills for several years and have stopped worsening of my macular degeneration
ConsThese large pills are becoming difficult to swallow
By Alice
Palm Spring, CA.
September 28, 2019
VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS + Gold
I looked at a number of other eye supplements and this was the only one that had everything I needed in it. I'm very happy.
Prosgreat price and quality.
By CanalGal
Palm Coast, FL
August 12, 2019
Good product
VisiVite Areds 2 Plus Gold Eye Vitamin has so far I think, been a very good product that I have been taking for about a year now. I have the beginning of Dry Macular and according to my eye doctor and retinal specialist my eyes have NOT GOTTEN WORSE and are holding their own. I attribute this to this vitamin and am thankful that I have found it. If I can keep macular away and continue to see, my life is blessed. This product is doing exactly that. Thank you.
By Vanlady
Ft. Lauderdale FL
August 3, 2019
For Dad
I get it for Dad, it seems to work for him.
By Brad
July 19, 2019
Good Product
Wife's vision has improved on this product. Doctor thought nothing would help.
By MaraJo Ackley
May 9, 2019
Great vitamins
Great products, customers receive valued assistance, you are informed regularly on new products, news on improvements to eye health. Been purchading my eye vitamins from VisiVite for many years
April 24, 2019
Thank you VisiVite.
Went to my eye specialist today. After 12 years with Macular degeneration, he told me that it had not progressed but a little and to keep doing what I have been doing religiously for the last 12 years--taking my VisiVite! I am so grateful for my VisiVite. Thank you. Donna Abilene, Tx.
By Linda Waller
Lubbock, Texas
March 29, 2019
Love these Visivite capsules
I have had no bad changes in my eyes since I started taking Visivite.
By Vijay
Cloverdale, California
February 25, 2019
Visionary !
Easy to order, prompt and efficient delivery and affordable !
By Susan GG
Corpus Christi Tx
February 9, 2019
Great vitamins
Love them.
By June
Allen Tx.
February 1, 2019
AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold Eye Vitamin Formula.
Great product, husband really pleased with the results, he has age related macular degeneration and it's keeping it in check. Many thanks. June
By Barbara vance
Sweetwater Tennessee
January 28, 2019
Purchase Areds Gold every month. Wonderful product for my macular degeneration
By Hart
January 27, 2019
Someone else has done all the work!
I feel confident that VisiVite Gold is helping me keep my macular from advancing according to my retina physician!!!!
By Ronald Risdon
Manistique, Michigan
January 19, 2019
Excellent Product ! Areds 2 Plus Strongly recommend !!
Simply put.... Visivite products WORK !!! I was diagnosed with ' Dry AMD & Early " Thank God !!! Immediately ordered Visivite AREDS Gold and within approximately 4 months it was " stabilized ", to quote my Ophthalmologist back in 2010. He asked me what I was doing, said to keep it up and also recommends Visivite Products !! Keep up the GOOD WORK FOLKS !!! Vision is something that is so important ! The cost is reasonable and gets better with the more you order. Take if from me.... YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID. THANK YOU VISIVITE
By Lynne
Long Island, NY
January 14, 2019
VisiVite AREDS 2 Plus
I have been taking VisiVite Areas 2 Gold for more than five years. This product was recommended by my ophthalmologist who diagnosed me with Macular Degeneration in my right eye. I am happy to say that since taking this product, there has been no progression of MD. I see my doctor every six months and my condition remains the same. Although VisiVite does not reverse the MD, I do believe that it has been effective in slowing the progression.
By Isabel
Port Saint Lucie, FL
January 14, 2019
Great Product
I have been using VisiVite AREDS 2 Plus Gold Eye Vitamin Formula for many years. The reason I decided to use this particular AREDS is because of the ingredients in this formula. It has more Lutein and no soy products compared to other vitamins. The capsules are vegetarian.
By Shaheen
Canton, Michigan
November 25, 2018
A good eye supplement in vegetarian capsules
I have been using this eye supplement for over a year and am pleased with it. My macular degeneration has not progressed, and that's a big relief!
ProsThe price is better than Amazon when I buy it from the visivite website.
ConsHowever the seal on the bottles could be made more secure.
By Mamajo
Originally Ohio where contracted histoplasmosis
November 9, 2018
This continues to protect my husbands eyes as he fights for his sight against histoplasmosis. One eye lost early on but other eye still good.
By Irene Garcia
1454 E Trevino RD., Sandy, UT 84092
November 6, 2018
Product that works.
This product has help keep me from going totally blind. I have taken it for several years. I began to have problems when I was in my late 40's or early 50's. I am now 78 in another month. This product has slowed down the progression.
By Richard
Orange County, CA
November 5, 2018
VisiVite Areds 2 Plus seems to be working well
I converted to Visivite Areds 2 Plus around 2 years ago. My regular eye doctor found early onset of Macular Degeneration, dry type and recommended I start using AREDs 2 formula. I began with a popular over the counter variety and then found out about VisiVite. I switched and began using it 2x daily. I see both my regular eye doctor and a Retinal Specialist he put me in touch with. Both doctors indicated that my Macular Degeneration and cataracts have stabilized and have not gotten worse in the past year since my prior visits. That is great news and shows the vitamin therapy is helping. I am very pleased and recently my regular doctor said that with glasses rx my vision is still 20-20. Thank you.
By Susan C.
Appomattox, VA
October 28, 2018
HIghly Recommend
Three years ago during a routine eye exam the optometrist noted my husband had some changes that indicated the beginning of Macular Degeneration. He recommended that my husband start taking some eye vitamins and that monitoring the continue would be the best approach for now. I researched many eye vitamins, read labels and came across VisiVite. I read the literature and decided to use this product. Each year since then my husband's eye appointments have gone well with no changes or progression of the Macular Degeneration. The doctor is pleased and we are certainly pleased. These are the only eye vitamins my husband uses.
By MarySue Sorenson
October 25, 2018
Macular and Visivite
I have been diagnosed with macular only in my left eye, that's a good thing but I am blind in my right eye. I have been taking VisiVite for 3 years and each visit to the the opthamolgist I get good news...the macular has not increased so I need no treatment at this time. I had my eye doctor review the product and he said it was a good vitamin and to continue. Easy and remember two a day, I take mine at two different times a day, typical vitamin your going to lose what you don't need. The best to all with macular
By Barbara
Cincinnati, Ohio
October 25, 2018
Great product!
At each visit to my ophthalmologist, I'm told to keep doing what I'm doing! I've been taking AREDS 2 gold and Reviza for 4 years. No changes have been detected in my macular degeneration! I have recommended your products to relatives and friends!
By Sue Owens
Colorado Springs, CO
October 25, 2018
AREDS2 Plus+
I am totally satisfied with this product. My macular degeneration has not progressed for at least 5+ years (can't remember when I started taking them). My eye doctor is very pleased. I like that it's made in the USA.
By Steven Ferard
Moncure NC
October 25, 2018
Great supplement
Good pricing, quick delivery time
By James Cady
August 18, 2017
Gold has preserved my vision
I have been taking your VisiVite AREDS Gold since about 2006 and also Resiva resveratrol for a few years. Amazing products. I was noted in your "Sight for Life" brochure 7 years ago, with a full page picture holding my great grandson. My eyes still remain almost unchanged since starting with VisiVite.
Merchant Response:Thank you again, James, for sharing your good news.
By Judith Cook
September 2, 2016
Eye health has improved
I have been taking the Gold for 2 1/2 years and at my last doctor's visit, he told me my macular health had improved. He didn't mention any sign of AMD like he had noted at my previous visit.
Merchant Response:Thank you for sharing your great news with us, Judith. Hearing that we are maintaining eye health in VisiVite users like yourself confirms the wisdom in our goal to provide quality nutrition without compromise.
By Ken
August 26, 2016
My father and I both use VisiVite Gold
Thank You Doctor, for keeping my father {96} and myself {71} and other family members informed and always being concerned about use and safety issues. My father has AMD and Visivite has stopped its progression now about over 15 years, I also take Visivite all this time , have no symptoms , and am protecting myself because its {AMD} in the family. Ken
By Ken Allan
New Zealand
June 10, 2016
Surgeon recommended VisiVite
In 2014 I had both Cataracts removed. One in the Public Hospital under which was free, however the other eye didn't quite meet the requirement, but on my surgeons recommendation I had the other one done shortly after in a private hospital which I paid for. The same surgeon did both ops. It was my surgeon on a follow up visit that recommend Visivite and I'm been taking them ever since. Thanking you for your consideration, I remain, Ken Allan
By Brook Stone
March 30, 2016
No progression of my AMD
My eyesight has been stable since being diagnosed 21/2 years ago. At my last visit with a scan being done, my ophthalmologist said, whatever you are doing, keep doing it. I give the vitamins credit!
By Donna Middleton
Abilene, Texas
March 23, 2016
My doctor recommended
I have used Visivite Gold for nine years now and have maintained my sight in that time. I have not missed a dosage in nine years. I would recommend your product highly to anyone with vision problems. My doctor has actually recommended this product because of my success.
By Deborah Spitzer
New Port Richey, FL
March 10, 2016
Held my Macular Degeneration at Bay
Macular degeneration blinded my Dad and his sister. When my ophthalmologist told me I was developing M.D. I started researching which vitamin formula was best and this one was far ahead of any of the others. This was also about 5 years before the ophthalmology association began recommending AREDS2, Visivite was surpassing today's standard even then an still does. So far, my M.D. has not progressed and I thank Visivite for that.
ProsSurpasses minimum standards
ConsSometimes are difficult for me to swallow. I would rather take 2 smaller capsules than 1 large capsule.
By Joseph
November 3, 2015
Gold halted progression of macular degeneration
My optometrist noted perimacular drusen in my eyes several years ago and then told me about AREDS and VisiVite supplements. I ordered the recommended formula and began taking them twice daily as recommended. Within a year, my optometrist noted that there had been no progression of the perimacular drusen, a precursor to macular degeneration. In fact, he said that there may have even been improvement. I've had several annual eye exams since then and there has been no indication of macular degeneration.
By Louise
September 29, 2015
VisiVite has kept my eye from getting worse
VisiVite has kept my eyes from getting worse. When I first found out that I had MD, it was in both eyes. Dry in right eye and wet in left. Started getting shots in left eye right away and it remains like it was then and sight is the same. The right eye still hasn't changed in sight and no shots in it. While things haven't gotten a lot better, thankfully they are stable. Thank you. Louise
By Maryanne
West Palm Beach, Florida
September 8, 2015
My eye doctor happy with my choice
I just ordered the gold formula again since I was diagnosed with macular degeneration two years ago. I'm so happy that I found this solution to my problem. My doctor knows I'm on it, and he's happy that my vision hasn't changed, so I showed him a bottle, and he was very happy with the ingredients.
Prosvegetarian, natural ingredients
By David
March 10, 2014
No deterioration in vision
To relate my story; I am 67 yr. old and have used reading glasses for almost 20 years. Macular degeneration seems to run in my family, as both my parents, uncle and grandfather had it (all deceased). Usually, during my annual eye exam - beginning about 15 years ago - by comparing exam results with those of the previous year's exam, I would notice a gradual worsening of my eyesight ; needing stronger lenses - but, starting about 2 years ago I began taking VisiVite MG Gold medicine (1 pill daily), and my last 2 exams showed no deterioration in my eyesight. It seems that the MG Golds have halted the progression.
By Fred
September 12, 2013
Thank you Vitamin Science
In 2002 my eye doctor talked to me about dry macular degeneration and gave me a sample of pills I should take and a paper about VisiVite. I took the sample he gave me and I had a reaction to it, Beta-carotene. I saw in the VisiVite paper, the smokers Green Formula (now called VisiVite AREDS2 Plus+Gold). I had quit smoking many years before but I seen it was based on Lutein. I tried it and have been taking the AREDS2 Plus+Gold Formula since. Thanks to this! I have been doing good. After 11 years, I can still pass the eye test to renew my driver's license. So I am still driving at age 81. I also, had a cataract coming at that same time and it is still coming. My Retina eye doctor here in Texas said, keep it up what I have been doing. Use bright light and also magnification for the reading and close work. So I am thankful for the AREDS2 Plus+Gold Formula. At this time, I would like to thank the Vitamin Science Inc. for VisiVite AREDS2 Plus+Gold Formula for my continued eye health.

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